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We believe your property is only as good as the team that manages it.

The one, core difference with Jenaway Properties is this one word, CARING.

It’s caring about the experience our clients have when they need help, whether it’s for an accounting question or a tree falling on the roof during a storm.

It’s about answering the phone 24/7 and being there when you need us. It’s about friendly people who want to help, and who care about you and your family and your families investments.

It’s about caring about your finances and making sure you are paying as little as possible for maintenance while maintaining the high standard of your property that you want and deserve.

We take pride in caring for our clients/tenants and combine our high level of service and caring with our expert knowledge of real estate and management, and that becomes a rare combination in the Property Management industry.



“Unlock the Full Potential of Your Property — Experience unparalleled management where every detail is curated for excellence. Our dedicated team ensures your property not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a new standard in real estate excellence.”

"At Jenaway Properties, caring isn’t just a word—it’s our promise and commitment to you. It’s the guiding principle that differentiates us in the property management industry. 

Caring means being proactive about the experiences that matter most to our clients. Whether it’s swiftly addressing an accounting query or responding to emergency maintenance needs like a fallen tree during a storm, our dedication is unwavering.

Caring is about being accessible around the clock, every day of the year. It’s about ensuring that when you reach out for support, you’re greeted by friendly, compassionate professionals who not only understand your concerns but are ready to resolve them with efficiency and empathy.

Caring is about safeguarding your financial interests. We strive to minimize your maintenance expenses without compromising the high standards you’ve set for your property. It’s about delivering value that enhances your investment and the quality of life for you and your tenants.

At Jenaway Properties, we take immense pride in nurturing our client relationships. We blend our heartfelt care with our extensive expertise in real estate and management to offer a service experience that’s not just rare—it’s transformative. With us, you don’t just get a property manager; you gain a partner who cares deeply about your success and satisfaction."

Your Journey for Exceptional Property Management begins here — What’s the story behind your property? Whether it’s a chic urban apartment, a charming suburban home, or you need a proeprty manager for the small condo association you reside in, we’re here to tailor our management services to the unique narrative of your space.”

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